Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Participants in the Peer Counseling Program are scheduled for 5 breastfeeding classes during their pregnancy starting after the 20th week. The first class you are scheduled for is a combination of classes 1 and 2, then after that it is one per month.

If you missed a session, wanted to review what we discussed, or share this information with anyone use the following links!

Class 1: We discuss the differences between breastmilk and formula, personal motivations and intentions for breastfeeding, and recommendations for how long to keep breastfeeding.

class 2 :  Here we look at breastfeeding rates over time and  changes happening in your body to prepare you to breastfeed, as well as building confidence in the body’s ability to make milk.

Class 3: We discuss the importance of a strong partner relationship and how to better communicate with loved ones in your life. We also talk about the importance of having a good network of support and how to help you build or strengthen yours.

Class 4: How are you feeling about your upcoming birth? What plans do you have? We will talk about different positions you can try to help you have a smooth labor. We discuss how medical interventions like induction, epidural, and c-section very often lead to breastfeeding problems and how to combat these issues.

Class 5: Your baby is due soon! Here we will discuss how to latch your baby, how to know things are going well, and signs you might need some assistance.


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